Chegg For Good Doubles Your Scholarship Money

cheggdym   At Zinch, our goal has always been to help students research, get in, and pay for school. Now that we’re a part of the Chegg family, that focus has become part of Chegg’s greater mission to help students save time, save money, and get smarter. That’s why we’re proud to announce Chegg For Good will now be matching students’ scholarships on Zinch!

You heard right, if you find, apply, and win a scholarship through Zinch, Chegg will Double Your Money and write you a check for the same amount. Think of it as our little “thank you” for sticking with Zinch, and a bit of motivation to get you on your scholarship hunt. We have over $2 billion in financial aid listed in our scholarship database, so there’s no shortage of awards looking for a deserving student!

Get started now and learn how Chegg For Good will double your scholarship money DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR>>>

written by
Sean Castillo
January 28, 2012

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