The Quintessential Guide to College Student Discounts

Your parents, high school teachers, counselors, and professors have probably talked your ear off about it by now: you must make the most of your college education. After all, that’s what will determine your choices for the future…but did anyone ever mention how much companies like college students? And that, not only will you receive massive knowledge from higher education, but also a lot of discounts? More often than not the latter is overlooked, so check out all the deals that are going to save you a few extra bucks.

**When redeeming the following offers, be sure to have your Student ID in hand–the cashier will not give you your discount without it!**

**Note that some of these discounts may vary by store. Start getting into the habit of asking any store whether it offers a discount for college students–you may wind up saving even more!**

All Decked Out: Dressing Fashionably—and at a Good Price
These retailers are helping college students fill up their wardrobe for a cheaper price:

  • Ann Taylor LOFT (15%)
  • Ann Taylor (20%)
  • Banana Republic (15%)
  • Charlotte Russe (10%)
  • Club Monaco (20%)
  • J. Crew (15% – with your .edu address, you can get a discount over the phone or online)
  • The Limited (15%)
  • Ralph Lauren Rugby (15%)
  • Top Shop (10%)
  • Urban Outfitters (10%)

Discounts for the Digital Age
For the tech-minded (which would include you, if you’re reading this!), these discounts will be useful for you:

  • Academic Superstore: a website that offers software discounts for students, teachers, and schools
  • Adobe: get up to 80% off on their widely used software
  • Amazon: join the company’s new Amazon Student program using your college email (i.e., ending in .edu) to get Amazon Prime and free shipping for six months
  • Apple: yep, the company of the almighty iEverything—it turns out you can get your next MacBook for a bit cheaper if you’re a college student!
  • Dell: only offered for certain universities, but there are big discounts in store
  • HP: check out the HP Academy Student Discount Store and sign up to receive their deals
  • JourneyEd: another website that discounts software for students, as well as electronics
  • Microsoft: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and more are musts for every student—and you can get it all and more for a whole lot cheaper just for being a student
  • Sony: look into the Sony Education Store to save up to 10%

Getting More Grub for Less
Some of these eateries may be located on your campus, and thus already have the discounted prices for students on their menu.

  • Burger King (10%)
  • McDonald’s (10%)
  • Dairy Queen (10%)
  • Domino’s Pizza (different discounts depending on your location)
  • Papa John’s (different discounts depending on your location)
  • Pizza Hut (10-20% depending on your location)
  • Subway (10%)

Ring Ring! Save on Your Cell Phone Plan

Just Chillin’ Out…and Saving Money

  • AMC Theaters, Regal Cinemas, and Cinemarks: tickets are discounted for students
  • Live entertainment (especially on campus!) and museums: ask the box office or the front desk if they offer discounts—most of them do
  • Pier 1: get 15% off your furniture and decor
  • Sam’s Club: sign up for their Collegiate Annual Membership (costs $40) for a $15 gift card

A Last Note for Honor Students…
If you are in an honor society or are considering joining one that you’ve been invited to, look into the special discounts the honor society offers (considering said honor society is not a scam—watch out for those!). A lot of honor societies—and even some clubs and organizations on campus—offer discounts for their members, especially test prep deals (if you’re looking into grad school), insurance, and more. Do your research on honor societies and clubs you’re interested in, and you may find yourself saving even more money!

**Special thanks to Living Rich with Coupons, SavvySugar, and Brad’s Deals for providing excellent resources on this information!**

Which discount for college students will be or is the most useful for you? What other major companies offer ways to save for college students? Tell us in a comment below!

written by
Jacqueline Kim
November 16, 2012

5 Responses to “The Quintessential Guide to College Student Discounts”

  1. Kayla Smith
    November 24, 2012 at 11:02 am #

    I know where I’ll be shopping for my clothes come January!!

  2. Katie U.
    November 30, 2012 at 9:54 pm #

    OMG, thank you!!!
    Verizon is the only phone company that works in the mountains near my school, and they are super expensive! thanks for the discounts.

  3. Francesca
    December 26, 2012 at 12:49 pm #

    Yes, Yes, Yes!!!
    Thank you sooo much! these info all in one place are so useful! Thank you so much for sharing and great blog for college students!

  4. gporwal
    December 14, 2013 at 10:14 am #

    Thanks for sharing such a nice infomation on Student discount software!


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