Senior Night: Making It A Night To Remember

As summer approaches, road trips are being planned, college roommates are being assigned, and hopeful senior couples are setting up Skype accounts. Every senior is so eager and prepared to leave! A few of us will be returning of course, either as lonely college freshmen or even later as lonelier high school teachers. But for most of us, this is the sad ending of a long four years we’ve spent outgrowing our addiction to cartoons, learning to be responsible adult citizens, and becoming acquainted with the “real world.” Now that I mention it, personally I’m not so sure any of those things have happened yet.

Nevertheless, along with the many things to look forward to, there’s a lot to look back on and appreciate before moving on. Taking a chance to remember all of your memorable experiences in high school – good and bad – is what Senior Night is all about. Here are a few helpful tips you might consider to help make one of your class’s last times together as special and memorable as possible.

Tip #1: Bring A Lot of Pictures

Surely in your 1,460 days spent in high school you’ve captured at least a few photos of you and your friends. If so, bring them to senior night, and maybe make a nice little slideshow out of them. Also, make sure to include more than just your angelic senior pics. We all know you’re beautiful but the pictures your classmates and parents really want to see are the ones that show the real you; the silly ones, the dorky ones, and maybe even the having-a-little-too-much-fun ones. Just remember you’re there to look back on your high school memories, not necessarily to advertise your Facebook profile.

Tip #2: Plan Something Special and Unique With Your Class

Depending on your class size, you may not have the time or resources to do anything super fancy, but try to let this night be something you’ll remember and look back on with a smile on your face as an old retired person. You all don’t have to go out and dance under the stars – although that might not be a bad idea – but try to hold an event at your senior night that will get everyone involved and leave even some of your more shy classmates feeling appreciated. This can include giving short 60 second speeches about fond memories, roasting each other, or even perhaps painting everyone’s handprints on a giant poster board to hang up in the school. Think of something unique to your class that everyone will enjoy.

Tip #3: Bring Gifts

Even if your senior class isn’t required to bring gifts, on a special night like this it can be appropriate to bring small, personal gifts to teachers and classmates with whom you’ve held strong personal relationships over the years. No one will be expecting a diamond necklace or a brand new Ferrari, and you definitely don’t want to make others feel left out, but to make your senior night extra special you should definitely consider this.

Tip #4: If You Can’t Bring Anything, Bring Your Best Self

If nothing else, definitely try to attend your Senior Night with a positive attitude and a caring demeanor. You aren’t being held at gunpoint and being told to attend, so it’s not like anyone’s expecting you to “suffer” through it just for the sake of it. If you’re going to be there, you should first make sure you want to be there. And by George, you should! It’s one of the last times you’ll see all of your pals and you should be happier than a witch in a broomstick factory to get this final opportunity. That said, if you can’t bring Ferrari’s or diamond necklaces, at least bring a positive attitude that will make everyone else happy to be there with you.

As the year winds down to an end, think about all your friends and all the incredible experiences you’ve shared together. And don’t just focus on the fact that it’s all about to end; don’t think that because high school’s over now that all those experiences mean nothing. Senior Night allows you the chance to take a trip down memory lane so you can not only accept that this part of your life is coming to a close, but also that so many more fantastic memories will be made with new friends you’ll make in the coming years. Try to remember that when you’re there, and I guarantee you’ll walk out wearing a grin on your face.

written by
Soeren Walls
May 8, 2013

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