Do’s and Don’ts to Dominate Graduation Day

It’s finally here. After four long years of high school you’ve reached the end of the road and is graduation squarely in your sights. It’s your time to shine, so why not do it right?

DO Plan Photos Ahead of Time

If you have a few friends you’ve hung out with all of high school, you won’t want to miss out on the classic post-graduation photo. Arrange before the ceremony where y’all will meet up and take your photos.

This is also important for family and friends who will go and watch you walk the stage. Everyone will want a photo with their favorite grad. Coordinate so they can find you and you’ll save yourself a world of pains.

DO Wear Pockets

Understandably you’ll be wearing a gown for the first half of your day; however the ceremony can only last so long. Do yourself a favor, check the weather a head of time and then plan out your outfit.

You’ll probably need your license and cellphone as well as other little items on that day so plan a nice non bulky outfit under your gown that has pockets. You don’t want to be stranded on one of the most important picture days of your life without a single thing to keep yourself looking fresh.

DON’T Show Up at the Last Minute

Many schools have the graduates show up at least an hour before the ceremony so make sure you know what time you need to be at your graduation site. This time is crucial for setting up and being in place. Don’t let the ceremony go on without you. Be on time!

DON’T Skimp On the Deodorant

This is a good rule for any important day. You never know how nervous you will be as you approach your turn on stage, but you do know that you’ll be in very close proximity to other people during and after the ceremony.

Make sure you put on a little bit more deodorant than you normally would. This will go a long way especially if you take your pictures outside.

DON’T Wear Brand New Shoes

Most ceremonies are already at the 1-2 hour mark. Toss in the time you’ll spend in transit and taking pictures and you could be in your shoes for 4-5 hours. Translation: don’t wear brand new shoes. This is more for your own comfort. Imagine how hard it will be to keep a dazzling smile if your feet are killing you the whole time.

If you absolutely have to wear new shoes try wearing appropriate socks or stockings to help minimize the toll on your feet. Also be prepared to do a nice foot soak that evening.

Bonus: Ladies, no matter how well you can work the 5-inch stiletto, there is simply too much at stake on graduation day. Remember that your stage is most likely an elevated platform with stairs.

We have all seen the failblog gifs. Don’t be a failblog gif. Wear flats or a low heel on your graduation day. This way people remember your hair, and not your tragic fall.

Have you been to a graduation ceremony before? What are your graduation day tips for the class of 2014?

written by
Enoma Osakue
May 8, 2014

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  1. Julie
    May 8, 2014 at 8:49 am #

    Be sure to say your goodbyes and congratulations to all of your friends before the ceremony. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get to see them afterward. I learned the hard way.

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